Moohan makes 3D design faster with the help of AI.

Creating a 3D model is hard and marketplace doesn't always have an exact model that you are looking for. Moohan speeds up 3D design by providing a semantic control over 3D mesh and texture —that makes 3D modeling and texturing significantly faster.

Unlike Blender or Maya, you can create a set of 3D shape with just a single click. It also let you transfer styles from a model to another to make a coherent art style through out your existing models. When you have many tabs open, it will help you quickly find a tab. Built for speed, it's like putting a rocket booster on your web browser.

Moohan helps you create & build without constraint.

Single click design.

Chrome can take up to 1-2 GB of memory if you have 5+ tabs open. Moohan uses less than 350 MB of memory so your other applications can run smoothly including Chrome.

Say goodbye to UV mapping.

When Chrome uses a lot of CPU resources it can be hard to use other programs. Moohan lets you stream Chrome from the cloud moving its busy processing to a computer in a datacenter.

Lightning fast style transfer.

Moohan loads websites half-a-second faster. This works because Moohan has a faster Internet connection and is closer to the resources that web pages load.